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Signify Premium Insight: Perspectum’s Persuasive Value Proposition

No young, growing AI start-up would ever call $36m a diminutive sum. It is, after all, a figure greater than the total funding of many well-regarded AI vendors. However, compared to some of the burgeoning market’s best-known names, it is a figure that fails to excite.

Last summer, for example, cardiac vendor Cleerly bagged $223m in a Series C funding round. While that is exceptional, in 2021, Aidoc raised $66m in its Series C round, Viz’s equivalent round was $71m, and previously, HeartFlow managed to secure $105m. For Perspectum then, $36m is a relatively modest figure.

This is particularly true given the very impressive list of accomplishments Perspectum has to its name. As a vendor developing solutions for liver disease and metabolic disease, it works in an underserved niche. While there are sizable numbers of vendors focusing on lung nodule detection or neurological imaging, Perspectum is one of only a handful focusing on liver disease and metabolic disease.