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Signify Premium Insight: Nanox Investing; Another Extreme Sport

Nanox, the upstart medical imaging vendor which promised to revolutionise access to medical imaging thanks to its unique cold cathode X-ray source has finally overcome the most significant barrier that has so far stymied the vendors’ growth.

The vendor originally expected to receive regulatory approval from the US-FDA for its multi-source 3D X-ray device in 2021. This timeframe was repeatedly pushed back, which, along with other unusual factors, led to some questioning the vendor’s prospects. The most scathing of which compared the vendor to disgraced fraudulent blood testing firm, Theranos.

Nanox, although later than planned, has prevailed through these difficult times and has now secured full FDA approval for its ARC scanner. The award, which clears the device for commercial sale caused the vendor’s shares to jump after proving that there is some substance to the company’s claims. Approval is only one part of the puzzle, however; the question becomes will anyone buy it?