Why GE Won’t Sell its Health IT Business

Steve Holloway headshot
Steve Holloway
Published: November 20, 2017 In The News

20th November 2017 – Featured in HIT Consultant – As John Flannery, the new CEO of GE takes on the task of sweeping cost-cutting at the industrial behemoth, recent market speculation has suggested he may be looking to offload GE’s Healthcare IT business. Here’s why we think this won’t happen.

Crumbling, but not to the core

GE’s health IT portfolio has been compiled from many acquisitions, creating a complex and sometimes disjointed product set. At its center is a core set of software and services focused on clinical IT. GE’s products that support medical imaging and care delivery management (particularly in perinatal and perioperative applications) are well established, often sold in combination with GE’s leading position in medical imaging hardware and clinical care devices. Despite the odd hiccup, such as ongoing problems with its viewing software integration, this core clinical IT product set has been relatively successful.

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