Corporate Social Responsibility

Signify Research is a rapidly growing company and we recognise our responsibility to contribute positively to society and the environment beyond our core business activities. We believe that conducting business ethically and responsibly is not only the right thing to do but also essential for long-term success and sustainability.

Community Engagement

We actively engage with the community, striving to make a meaningful difference through volunteerism, and partnerships with local organisations. Our goal is to address societal needs and contribute to the welfare and development of these communities. Click ‘View more’ to find out about our charity Partner Adoption Plus and our charity activities.

Ethical Business Practices

Impartiality, Partnership and Trust are fundamental values that guide our business conduct. We adhere to high ethical standards in all our dealings, promoting fairness, honesty, and respect across our business operations. Click ‘View more’ to find out about our company values.

Employee Well-being

We prioritise the well-being and professional development of our employees, recognising them as a valuable asset. We are committed to providing a safe and inclusive work environment, where employees can feel respected and secure in their job. We offer opportunities for skill enhancement and career development as well as promote work-life balance through flexible and part time working options. We measure our performance annually and take action on employee feedback.

Continuous Improvement

We are committed to continuous improvement in our CSR efforts, regularly monitoring and evaluating our performance, setting ambitious goals, and implementing initiatives to address emerging challenges and opportunities.

Women in Signify Research

We proudly celebrate the women who contribute to Signify Research’s success, shaping our strategic direction with their leadership and vision, bringing diverse perspectives, drive innovation and embodying equality and diversity.

Women represent:

management team are women
of our market Analysts are women
of our workforce are women