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Complimentary summary of Ultrasound Equipment World Report Findings

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“We recently purchased one of Signify Research’s reports. We felt we can trust the insights they provided to make informed strategic decisions. We also appreciate the open Analyst access and prompt responses to our questions. We are reaching out to them on several other topics for their opinions on the latest market trends.”

Vera Borislavova, Global Customer & Market Insight Business Partner, GE Healthcare

“Signify Research’s greatest strengths are its subject matter expertise and deep understanding of the industry. We feel we can trust the data and insights you provide to make informed strategic decisions. We also appreciate the open access to the Analyst team, for prompt responses to our questions and their opinions on the latest market trends.”

Ken Sutherland, President, Toshiba Medical Visualization Systems Europe

“Signify Research provides accurate, detailed and credible market data that leverages their analyst’s extensive experience in the healthcare technology market. Their reports provide us with actionable information and insightful analysis that we trust.”

Michele Norton, Senior Vice President Marketing and Sales Support, SCIO Health Analytics

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Evolving Telehealth Use Cases

Telehealth is no longer about providing patients with on-demand video consultations from home or remotely managing patients with chronic conditions.

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More Money Pours into Medical Imaging AI Startups

Q2 was a record quarter for investment in medical imaging AI startups. Our analysis shows the funding and investment trends over the last 4 years, with funding details for over 50 start-ups that are developing machine learning solutions for medical imaging.

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Investment Analysis for Telehealth Companies

Since 2013, more than 80 telehealth companies have secured external capital funding. Combined, these companies have raised $2.9 billion in venture and private equity funding.

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