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24 May 2024: Diagnostics and Lifesciences, Healthcare IT, Market Reports
How Should Healthcare Technology Vendors Invest in Precision Medicine?
Digital precision medicine is a spectrum, which in our infographic we have illustrated in a pyramidPrecision medicine as a concept exists along a spectrum; as more data is used to inform a patient’s journey we advance further and further into true ‘personalisation’.
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20 May 2024: Medical Imaging
Analysis of the Medical Flat Panel Detector Market – Free Infographic
Cranfield, UK, 20th May 2024 - Signify Research has recently published the third...
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07 May 2024: Medical Imaging
Innovating Beyond Technology: Strategies for C-Arm Market Success
The global C-arm market was estimated to be worth US$4.2 billion in 2023 and has seen demand for both the surgical and interventional X-ray segments increase over the last few years.
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30 Apr 2024: AI in Healthcare
Gen AI Applications – The Institution View
30th April 2024 – This series of Insights focuses on the applications of generative AI solutions. This is a precursor to a more in-depth analysis of Signify Research’s Generative AI Market Intelligence Service. In my first Insight, we defined what generative AI (gen AI) is and discussed the gen AI value chain and how the ecosystem is centred around big tech. To recap, gen AI is an AI built on a foundation model trained on a large corpus of unlabelled data. In contrast, traditional machine learning algorithms use labelled data and are trained to perform a specific task.
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25 Apr 2024: AI in Healthcare, Healthcare IT, Medical Imaging
Venture Capital Funding for Medical Imaging AI Companies
Cranfield, UK, 25th April 2024 - Over $5.3 billion has been raised by medical...
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23 Apr 2024: AI in Healthcare, Healthcare IT
Chasing Radiology – Identifying the Next Diagnostic AI Market Success
23 April 2024, Investment into AI-based software across medical diagnostics and clinical care has been notably boom-or-bust in the last decade. Radiology has long been the “poster child” for funding and penetration of healthcare markets, with over $5.6B raised to date resulting in well-known successes such as Heartflow,, and Ultromics.
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“Signify Research has become a valuable partner for our business as we grow, offering a unique balance of services. Their deep dive market data and commentary across healthcare technology is essential for planning and executing our growth plans. Yet it is our access to their expert analyst team we value most; from simple queries on market trends or scope, to strategic briefings challenging our executive leaders, their support makes the research impactful and specific to our needs.”

Helene Gey, Vice President of Marketing, Intelerad Medical Systems

“Signify Research’s greatest strengths are its subject matter expertise and deep understanding of the industry. We feel we can trust the data and insights you provide to make informed strategic decisions. We also appreciate the open access to the Analyst team, for prompt responses to our questions and their opinions on the latest market trends.”

Ken Sutherland, President, Canon Medical Research Europe

“Signify Research is a trusted and valued partner. We have a great deal of confidence in the expertise of the analysts as well as their published research. The research and insights are an important resource in driving business decisions.”

Cody Leibold, Global Market & Commercial Analytics Leader, GE HealthCare

“Signify Research convinces with profound knowledge of the healthcare markets. Their data and insights are meaningful and enable important strategic decisions for product developments and GoTo market decisions. Ongoing discussions of different views create trust into market reports.”

Joachim Buck, Market Intelligence Manager, Siemens Healthineers

“Signify Research has been a longstanding partner of AGFA HealthCare. We trust their data and insights due to the industry expertise and experience of their team. We highly value what they bring to the table and we thoroughly enjoy collaborating with them. They have a strong portfolio of market research deliverables and we can rely on them for advisory and custom projects when needed.”

Jonathan Cordwell, Market and Competitive Intelligence Analyst, AGFA HealthCare

“Signify research is a critical business partner: we benefit a lot from their high-quality level of deep insights and domain expertise, combined with a reliable quantitative assessment of market sizing and trends.”

Jerome Galbrun PhD, Chief Revenue Officer, Brainomix

“We consider Signify Research as an extended member of our team. We trust and highly value their market data as well as their insights and expertise. Their portfolio of research and analysis is well thought out and provides us with the tools we need to drive our strategy forward.”

AGFA HealthCare

“Signify Research is a key resource for our strategic planning at Konica Minolta Healthcare Americas. Their data and insights in the healthcare IT space are thorough, extensive and dependable. We appreciate the open access to and responsiveness of their analysts to our questions. In addition to a broad library of available reports, they have provided valuable research and analysis for our customized requirements.”

Tim Kearns, Strategic Marketing Manager, Konica Minolta Healthcare

“Signify Research is a reliable source of thorough data and noteworthy insights that we confidently use to inform our market decisions. Signify’s analysts consistently demonstrate their deep industry expertise in all our interactions and are readily available to communicate with our organization to accommodate our research needs.”

Head of Strategy and Business Development, Spacelabs

“The combination of Signify’s research and responsive analyst support helps us to better understand critical market trends to make the right strategic decisions.”

Global Upstream Marketing Director, Edwards Lifesciences

“Signify Research always delivers high quality data combined with deep insights in high acuity care.”

Senior Strategy Director, Getinge AB

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