How we’re better… it’s all in the way we work

At Signify Research we are passionately curious about Healthcare Technology and we strive to deliver the most robust market data and insights, to help our customers make the right strategic decisions.


Experts in Healthcare Technology

A proven track record of delivering high-quality research and insights to major global healthcare technology vendors and tech firms, underpinned by deep subject matter expertise. Our Analysts focus exclusively on healthcare technology, with unrivalled depth of experience in their coverage areas. They are subject matter experts unlike any other.

Unparalleled access to our analysts

Whether our research is delivered as an off-the-shelf report or as a consultancy project, our customers benefit from direct access to our Analyst team and an expert opinion when they need it. We encourage our clients to think of us as an extension to their in-house market intelligence team, and to contact our Analysts whenever they need help.

Focus on primary research

We blend primary data collected from in-depth interviews with technology vendors and healthcare providers to ensure our Analysts have a balanced view of the market trends. Whilst primary research is the cornerstone of our work, we have developed a unique country level database of healthcare infrastructure. This enables our Analysts to build detailed, transparent and reliable models of current and projected demand for various healthcare technologies.

Research Approach

This is how we work for a typical syndicated market analysis report.

Scope research with industry stakeholders
  • Talk with industry stakeholders to understand their information needs
  • Issue proposed research agenda and invite feedback from customers
Interview technology vendors
  • Evaluate supply to the market and the trends that will impact growth
  • Strong focus on collecting sales, shipments and pricing data
Collate secondary research
  • Supplement primary research with a variety of secondary research sources
  • Company news and financial information, economic data, conference proceedings, etc
Data analysis and forecast modelling
  • Market sizes based on ‘bottom-up’ method, from primary data collected from vendors
  • Robust forecast models driven by proprietary database of hospital infrastructure and macro economic influence
Review preliminary data with customers
  • Send preliminary market data to customers for review, as a quality control measure
  • Refine market size estimates and growth forecasts based on feedback
Ongoing analyst support
  • Q&A session to highlight the key findings of the research and to answer customer questions
  • Ongoing support to help customers stay informed of latest market developments

Company Values

These are our core research values that shape the way we work:

With a meticulous approach to data collection, analysis, and interpretation, we ensure that every piece of research we deliver is accurate, reliable, and actionable. We produce detailed, insightful and credible market intelligence, based on primary data collected from healthcare technology companies and their customers.
We adhere unwaveringly to the principles of neutrality and objectivity, ensuring that our insights and analysis are free from bias. Our commitment to impartiality & unbiased analysis enables our clients to make informed decisions with confidence.
We believe that true success stems from genuine partnership. With a collaborative approach at the core of our philosophy, we strive to build lasting relationships with our clients, working hand-in-hand to uncover insights and drive strategic initiatives.
We strive to earn and maintain the trust of our clients every step of the way. Our track record of delivering accurate, unbiased research empowers businesses to make confident decisions in an ever-evolving market landscape.
Signify Research are exclusively focused on healthcare technology, with unrivalled depth of experience and expertise in our analyst team, across multiple healthcare research disciplines.
We believe curiosity fuels innovation. With an insatiable thirst for knowledge, we apply robust research methods to identify and quantify the key market trends and opportunities. Our curiosity drives us to ask the right questions, leading to insightful discoveries that empower businesses to stay ahead of the curve.

Code of Impartiality

We are committed to upholding the highest standards of impartiality in all our research and interactions. We believe in providing accurate, balanced, and unbiased data to our clients. We strive to provide a trustworthy and reliable source of information for our audience. To ensure transparency and maintain our integrity, we adhere to the following principles:


We maintain editorial independence from any external influences, including advertisers, sponsors, and partners. Our content is not influenced by financial interests or personal biases.


We present information objectively, without favouritism or prejudice towards any individual, organisation, or ideology. Our aim is to provide a fair and balanced perspective on all research topics covered.


We strive to ensure the accuracy of all information presented in our market intelligence reports as well as on our website. Our content is thoroughly researched, fact-checked, and verified before publication.


We welcome feedback from our clients and take responsibility for our content and actions. If you have any concerns about the impartiality of our content or any other aspect of our website, please contact us directly so that we can address your concerns promptly and transparently.

Meet the team

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Steve Holloway
Managing Director
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Alex Green
Managing Director
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Kelly Patrick
Research Director
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Amy Thompson
Research Manager
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Bhvita Jani
Principal Analyst
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Rohinee Lal
Principal Analyst
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Imogen Fitt
Senior Market Analyst
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Matthew Thompson
Sales Manager
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Head of Marketing
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Senior Office and Finance Manager
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Account Manager
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