AI in Drug Development & Clinical Trials – World – 2020

Published 20/11/2020

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Imogen Fitt headshot
Imogen Fitt

This is the first iteration of our Market Report on the global market for AI across Drug Development and Clinical Trials, published in November 2020. 

The report will allow you to:
– Identify which AI companies are producing promising products for development, and identify which are most likely to generate a return-on-investment for your business
– Evaluate how go-to-market strategies are expected to evolve over the next five years and understand what customers are demanding from their partners
– Learn which pharmaceutical companies have announced partnerships at which stages of the development process in order to profile vendors competitively
– Identify the points across the drug development pathway AI is likely to have the most impact on in both the short and long-term

This report offers an analysis on the spectrum of AI algorithms being developed for use across the pharmaceutical development timeline. From initial research through to clinical trials, Signify Research explores the multitude of vendors hoping to commercialise this software, and explores the challenges associated with doing so. Users of the research will use the report to inform investment/partnership strategies and acquire a comprehensive view of the competitive environment, ultimately answering the question: how much opportunity is there for AI in Drug Development and Clinical Trials?