Decision Maker Primary Research

We are uniquely placed to blend our extensive industry knowledge and market data from our syndicated research work along with our decision maker primary research services to provide you with a holistic analysis of the healthcare technology sector from a vendor, buyer, technology, and ecosystem perspective. Our approach gives you access to the highest level of subject matter expertise and research know-how that serves as a key resource for supporting impactful insights that are specific to your business needs.

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Customer-informed Research Services: Buyer, Decision-maker, and End-User Perspectives

Understanding the thoughts, opinions, needs, and pain points of your customers as they relate to your products and services is critical.  At Signify Research, we offer customisable, primary market research services to help you understand your target customers better.

Through a range of data collection methods such as interviews, focus groups, panels, surveys, etc., our research services can provide you with access to game-changing insights, empowering you to develop successful solutions that meet customers’ needs and enhance their user experiences.

With flexibility to meet all types of research budgets and timelines, we can blend our extensive syndicated market intelligence expertise across a range of health tech areas with deeper insights gathered from primary research with target customers.  This provides a comprehensive analysis of the market ecosystem from a vendor, buyer, end-user, and decision-maker perspective.

Our research services include identifying relevant customer personas to speak to, conducting in-depth fieldwork, and providing a summary report of key findings, with recommendations, implications, and strategic advice.  We can also host insightful webinars for all your internal stakeholders to learn more about key research findings and takeaways. You can access the recording of our webinar “Playing with FHIR: EHR Vendors and Data Interoperability” below

Helping you understand your customers unique pain points and needs

Over the years, we have spoken to 1000’s of key healthcare stakeholders including providers, payers, health tech developers, vendors, and investors, to name a few, as part of our customer-informed research services.  These conversations have helped our clients:

  • Understand pain points to improve current products/services or develop new ones
  • Gather direct views on competitors’ products and services
  • Learn about budget/spend and procurement cycles amongst healthcare provider groups
  • Develop strategies for new market entry, both in terms of geography and product type
  • Develop ideal customer profiles or ‘buyer personas’ for targeting sales
  • Gather data insights to help companies expand into new markets

To learn more about how our customer-informed research services can help you, please get in touch with us today to gain access to our case studies or to arrange a meeting to discuss your research needs: