Medical Imaging Yearbook – 2023

Published 20/02/2024

This is the first edition of our Market report on the global market for the core four medical imaging modalities, published Feb 2024. The report provides a qualitative and quantitative analysis of the total medical imaging market at the global and regional level. Regional analysis is provided for the four main imaging modalities CT, MRI, Ultrasound and X-ray. Further regional analysis is also provided for the major X-ray imaging modalities. Additional sub-product breakout is provided on a global level for each major product.

The benefits you will unlock with a purchase of this report:

  • Competitive analysis of the market share and key business activities across the whole medical imaging market to provide a complete comparative benchmark. Providing clear direction to shape your sales and marketing approach.  
  • Critical evaluation of key global macroeconomic and technical trends across the core modalities such as AI, fusion imaging and local manufacturing policies. Enabling you to adapt your business strategies to the dynamic imaging market. 
  • Report data compiled from the annual reports and services produced by Signify Research on the 4 core modalities in the market into one comprehensive overview.
  • Dedicated analyst briefings to unpack market data trends tailored to your company benefit, maximising your business strategy and investment