For clients who require a more strategic, advisory engagement we offer a suite of consultancy services. Our consultancy work is research-based and draws on our existing market data and knowledge of the healthcare technology sector, to deliver targeted, meaningful and actionable strategic support to our clients.

Our Consultancy services:

  • Develop, evaluate or update a strategic growth plan
  • Opportunity analysis to identify and evaluate new markets. We can assess the current and future market demand, customer needs and competitive landscape and make strategic recommendations on how to enter the market
  • Competitive assessments with strategic advice on how to defend or grow market share
  • Strategy planning workshops to ‘road test’ your existing strategy or to formulate a new strategy
  • M&A support – identify acquisition targets, interview the acquisition target’s customers, assess or verify market share, market size and growth, etc.

Why us:

  • We take a fact-based approach to consultancy that leverages our wealth of existing market data, market access and knowledge. If required, we can apply our proven research skills to gather additional data.
  • We are healthcare technology experts, not broad-based consultants.
  • We have an extensive network of industry contacts, both on the demand and supply side.
  • We offer jargon-free, practical and actionable strategic support.