Generative AI Market Intelligence Service – 2024

This is the first edition of our Generative AI Market Intelligence Service, which consists of 8 deliverables published throughout 2024. It includes analysis of ecosystems and vendor opportunities and strategies in the realm of Medical Imaging, Digital Health & EMR, Pharma & LifeSciences as well as Big Tech.

This market Intelligence Service provides: 

  • A fresh deep-dive analysis on drivers, barriers, and emerging trends, together with 'Our Take' opinions ensuring you stay ahead of the curve.
  • Assessment of competitive landscape with profiles of established market players, gaining insights into key markets, products, relationships, customers, and strategies
  • Analysis of  go-to-market strategies, optimal practices, and effective service differentiation to help you discover growth opportunities and strategic planning enhancements, including identification of prospective partners and acquisition targets.
  • Expectation for the future outlook, how the dynamics of the market are likely to evolve and Signify's recommendations for technology vendors