Custom Research

We offer a custom research service for clients who need information that can’t be obtained from our off-the-shelf research products, or who require market data tailored to their specific needs. For example, our syndicated research may highlight a growth opportunity that a client wants to further explore, and by commissioning follow-up custom research we are able to dig deeper and provide an extra level of detail in our data analysis and insights. Our Analyst team will present the significance of the findings of the research for the client’s business, along with recommendations for action.

We undertake custom research projects on a wide range of healthcare technology markets, including specific product categories, applications and geographies, and at various levels of complexity. Our custom research capability includes:

  • Analyst briefings, either at the client’s premises, at a conference or virtually
  • Support with marketing initiatives, e.g. white papers
  • Customised segmentation and presentation of market data from our off-the-shelf research products
  • Identify new opportunities for profitable growth
  • Market assessment, such as market sizing and forecasting
  • Competitor analysis to determine the strengths and weaknesses of competitors relative to the client’s own products and services
  • Identify potential customers, distributors and technology partners
  • In-depth interviews with healthcare professionals to evaluate their current and planned use of healthcare technology, buying behaviours, brand awareness, etc.

We also offer a consultancy service for clients who require more strategic, advisory engagement. Please visit the Consultancy section of our website for further details.