Exa Gateway Offers a New Way to Deliver Teleradiology

Arun Gill headshot
Arun Gill
Published: October 21, 2020 In The News

13th October 2020 – Featured on Imaging Technology News – The onset of the COVID-19 pandemic vastly altered the way of doing business for most industries, radiology included. Some facilities opted to keep their doors open and continued serving those in need of scanning services. Others were able to transfer some of the workload over to off-site imaging companies to help manage the inevitable deluge. These imaging companies did help prepare for the potential surge in patients by keeping imaging processes moving forward, but not every facility had this option, and the volume of imaging procedures fell short of expectations and in performance compared to 2019.

In this new climate, there is an increased demand to find new ways to handle the overflow of radiology studies and the surge in the number of patients needing scans. This necessitates a new way to deliver teleradiology. Catering to this need, Konica Minolta introduced Exa Gateway. Exa Gateway offers a cost-effective solution for secure remote reading that connects hospital radiology departments, radiology practices and teleradiologists through technology and services.