Analysis: The Role of Compact Systems in Today’s Ultrasound Market

Mustafa Hassan Ph.D headshot
Mustafa Hassan Ph.D
Published: April 20, 2022 In The News

19th April 2022 – Written by Mustafa Hassan – Featured on HIT Consultant’s website – Much of the focus in the ultrasound market in the last few years has been on the handheld market. This is justified, considering its role in the response to the COVID-19 pandemic and the spate of innovation in the sector, both in terms of new product releases and partnerships. As a result, there is less mention of the other ultrasound product segments, especially the compact market. However, the compact market has also been active, with the release of Fujifilm SonoSite’s SonoSite LX in February 2022 the latest in a slew of new compact ultrasound releases following the launch of Mindray’s TE7 Max in October 2021 and the release of the SonoSite PX by Fujifilm SonoSite, Venue Fit by GE Healthcare and the SONIMAGE HS2 by Konica Minolta in the last 12-18 months. This begs the question: what role do compact systems have in the ever-changing ultrasound market? What risk does the growing handheld market pose? And what does the future hold for the compact ultrasound market?