Analysis: RSNA 2022: Predictions vs Reality

Steve Holloway headshot
Steve Holloway
Published: December 13, 2022 In The News

13th December 2022 – Written by Steve Holloway – Featured in HIT Consultant

Much has already been written about attendance at RSNA, but from a first-hand perspective, RSNA 2022 could be regarded as a step back toward ‚”normal‚”. Amongst mostly bustling halls, vendors reported very positive feedback on the volume and quality of customer meetings, with one prominent global imaging vendor citing ‚”We’re signing deals here at the show again – things are looking up‚”.

Against this positive backdrop, however, the stark challenges facing radiology in a post-COVID world were very evident. These boil down to three substantial issues:

– A global shortage of radiologists, technicians, and imaging service-line personnel

– Increasing demand for imaging services, especially outside of the hospital

– Inefficient and siloed informatics systems