EP2: Signify Research Analyst Mustafa Hassan on Handheld Ultrasound Market Trends and Potential Growth

Mustafa Hassan Ph.D headshot
Mustafa Hassan Ph.D
Published: May 9, 2023 In The News

9th May 2023 – Mustafa Hassan – Featured on clarius.com

In this episode:

Ohad speaks with Mustafa Hassan, Market Analyst at Signify Research. Together they discuss emerging and future trends in the ultrasound market, its expanding user base, the growing role of AI in ultrasound, and what day-to-day life is like for a market intelligence analyst.

Topics discussed:

  • Hassan’s journey to becoming a market analyst for the ultrasound industry, and how a PhD in neurophysiology and studying cells played into it.
  • What day-to-day life is like for a market intelligence analyst, including how Hassan follows the news, which projects he works on, how he talks to vendors, and more.
  • The outlook of the handheld ultrasound market, and how it’s carving a space for itself alongside cart-based machines.
  • A look at the total market of ultrasound, including where it is today and where it could grow to.
  • How regulations impact the adoption of ultrasound, and how ultrasound could be used for at-home monitoring.
  • The growing role of AI in ultrasound, and how it will speed up the time it will take to analyze images and help with diagnostic support.
  • New ultrasound tech and solutions that may come as standard features on ultrasound devices in the future.