Delete, retain or utilise? How to approach digital pathology storage

Imogen Fitt headshot
Imogen Fitt
Published: June 19, 2023 In The News

16th June 2023 – Imogen Fitt – Featured on Pathology in Practice

For NHS Trusts and healthcare bodies across Europe, making the move to digital pathology has been a huge undertaking, but there is sill much to learn. There’s a risk that planning ahead, especially with a view to the size and type of storage required, could be forgotten about as purchasers look to get the best short-term deals, says Imogen Fitt.

Pathology departments in the UK are amongst the most sophisticated worldwide, thanks to an abundance of public funds and a willingness from the workforce to invest in advanced technologies. So, for a laboratory outsider it may seem strange that compared to departments such as radiology and cardiology which are already fully digitised, most pathologists are still diagnosing many of their cases using an analogue microscope.