Why Digital Pathology’s Ecosystem Won’t Support AI Startups

Imogen Fitt headshot
Imogen Fitt
Published: August 7, 2023 In The News

31st July 2023 – Imogen Fitt – Featured on hitconsultant.net

Whilst growth in the overall digital pathology AI market is set to scale quickly, cannibalization and consolidation are expected to create headwinds for individual AI vendors. How do investors know where their money is safest?

The recent abundance of digital pathology (DP) media coverage can make it hard to remember that not too long ago, this was a market perpetually ‘lagging’ versus other digital healthcare sectors. And whilst growth has now firmly shifted to its ‘log’ phase, there are several facts to bear in mind for investors and stakeholders eyeing this space.

There’s plenty of greenfield opportunity, but not everywhere is primed for harvest.