Circle Squared – The Ups and Downs of Digital Health – September 2023

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Imogen Fitt
Published: September 3, 2023 In The News

03rd October 2023 – Contribution by Imogen Fitt – Featured in Circle Square – The Ups and Downs of Digital Health – September 2023

Integrating AI into digital pathology through an orchestration platform

An AI orchestration platform is a platform where different algorithms can be tried, purchased and integrated easily into a pathologist’s IMS workflow. Advantages include:

Direct comparisons among solutions/algorithms. The sheer number of AI vendors and algorithms available today makes it difficult for pathologists identify and compare solutions, and AI orchestration platforms could act as a reference point to directly compare solution features so that pathologists can make informed decisions.

Independent verification. Could offer independent verification of AI through user studies/reviews: platforms can offer users of each algorithm the ability to submit reviews of each AI, further supporting the pathologists’ decision making.

Common user interface. This approach can be more cost-effective for customers than paying for integration individually: pathology departments, which are already very cost-constrained, may therefore be able to sequester more of their budgets from administrative tasks to innovative products.

Single point of invoicing and contracting to simplify supply chains. Healthcare is moving towards supply chain simplification, and by enabling a more organized approach invoices and contracts can be centralized on the platform, thus further alleviating administrative burdens.

Can boost route to market for new developers and technologies. Offer new vendors a chance to integrate on a single platform, exposure of newly launched products increases.

Editorial: Imogen Fitt, senior market analyst at Signify Research, shares her view of the emerging digital pathology market. She sees orchestration platforms as the likely way forward for a successful integration of a future digital pathology system, and forecasts a market evolution based on four stages of maturity. Her insight is linked below. Signify also offers a digital pathology market intelligence service with updates throughout the year. More information is available at the information link below.

Source: Signify Research