Cannibalise, commoditise and consolidate – using Ai in digital pathology

Imogen Fitt headshot
Imogen Fitt
Published: October 30, 2023 In The News

30th October 2023 – Contribution by Imogen Fitt – Featured in Pathology in Practice

Signify Research casts an eye into the future of AI in clinical digital pathology following the publication of its most recent market analysis. To have the greatest clinical impact AI vendors must evolve to meet the demands of the tomorrow’s customers. But, asks Imogen Fitt, what will this evolution look like?

Artificial intelligence (AI) is the subject of much debate across healthcare. Optimists laud the benefits it will bring for patients, professionals, whilst sceptics cite previous failures and the lack of technology maturity. However, it cannot be denied that standard pathology practice needs refinement.