Circle Squared – Big tech takes the lead on generative AI for healthcare – October 2023

Vlad Kozynchenko headshot
Vlad Kozynchenko
Published: November 2, 2023 In The News

2 November 2023 – Contribution by Vlad Kozynchenko – Featured in Circle Square – October 2023

Generative AI value chain

Applications: Healthcare solutions that are sold to users, including providers, payers, consumers, and other healthcare stakeholders

Model hubs: Machine learning and large language model operations include a platform or service that facilitates the storage, discovery, and deployment of machine learning models

Foundation models: Pretrained neural networks and the underlying technology that powers generative AI

Cloud: On-demand data resources of computer system resources including data storage and computing power

Hardware: The underlying technological infrastructure that is optimized for training and inference of generative AI models.

Editorial: Vlad Kozynchenko, senior market analyst on the digital health team at Signify Research published this introduction to generative AI in healthcare with a focus on the segment value chain, competitive products, and use cases. It’s an introduction to a new series of research and reporting on generative AI. The Signify Research 2024 service includes three reports during the year, each one focused on the perspectives of (1) imaging and clinical IT vendors; (2) big technology vendors; (3) EHR and digital health vendors. This introductory report, link below, includes a detailed summary of the products and services of each of the three big tech competitors.

Source: Signify Research