SPI Generative AI: Five Trends that will Shape the Generative AI Market in 2024

Published: January 22, 2024

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Every year, many people around the world set New Year’s resolutions, which they hope will give them the motivation to make changes important to themselves over the course of the coming year. These resolutions can help define a person’s year. Similarly, there are underlying themes that will help define the year for the companies and customers in the healthcare technology markets.

These are the five trends Signify Research expects to provide this structure for generative AI in this healthcare space.

Clinical Workflow and Patient Engagement will be the Standout Early Use Cases of Generative AI

Generative AI offers vast opportunities for vendors across the spectrum of healthcare. While many companies are quick to highlight possible future applications of the technology, in 2024, the use cases which will actually see the most traction will be in patient engagement and clinical workflow