Signify Research: Analysis of the Ultrasound AI Ecosystem

Publication Date: 12/03/2024

Cranfield, UK, 12th March 2024- Signify Research has recently analysed the growing uptake of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in the use of ultrasound. In its most recent analysis, Signify Research forecasts the ultrasound AI market to increase from an estimated $11m in 2022, to $126m by 2027, a growth CAGR of 64.5%.

We have prepared an infographic that demonstrates the developing vendor ecosystem how AI is currently used in the ultrasound pathway.

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Application analysis:

Whilst ultrasound AI solutions were initially mostly developed for cardiology applications, they are now being further expanded to multiple body areas. Ultrasound AI solutions for point-of-care (POC), which is a growing market, target various body areas, and we have included them under the body area targeted. Women’s health has to date been one of the most underdeveloped ultrasound AI markets. However, since 2022 there has been a significant increase in funding for the development of AI solutions in women’s health ultrasound, and it is now forecast to be one of the fastest growing segments.

Use of AI in ultrasound:

Ultrasound is one of the most technically difficult imaging procedures to perform and there is often large intra- and inter-operator variability in the images obtained. AI can help by guiding users with positioning and moving the ultrasound probe to acquire quality images.

In addition to image capture, AI can be used across the ultrasound pathway for workflow automation, image analysis and decision support. Workflow automation tools are most in demand currently, as these tools are the low hanging fruit for ultrasound AI, as they aim to augment users by automating time consuming and repetitive aspects of their workflows rather than fundamentally change the way they work.

Decision support tools are a natural progression for AI and provide more clinical value for diagnosis, prognosis and treatment planning.

About the Report

Ultrasound AI 2023 Report

The second edition of this report provides a qualitative assessment of the market opportunity for artificial intelligence in ultrasound. It provides a comprehensive review of the market trends and recent innovations, and forecasts the future development of the market. Based on in depth interviews, the report reviews the market activities and strategies of both AI start-ups, scale-ups and ultrasound system OEMs.

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