Analysis of the Medical Flat Panel Detector Market – Free Infographic

Publication Date: 20/05/2024

Cranfield, UK, 20th May 2024 – Signify Research has recently published the third edition of the Medical Flat Panel Detector Report. In its most recent analysis, Signify Research forecasts the medical FPD market to exceed 97,000 units by 2027.

We have prepared an infographic highlighting some of the latest Medical Flat Panel Detector market trends. Click the button below to download a PDF version of the infographic.

Market overview:

The medical FPD market, comprising nearly 78,000 units in 2022, experienced a modest unit sales and revenue downturn. Particularly noteworthy was the decline observed in mobile general radiography, which was linked to a surplus during the pandemic. However, despite this anticipated rise in unit sales forecast in the coming years, the ongoing decrease in average selling prices indicates that market revenues may not follow a similar upward trend.

Competitive landscape:

The medical flat panel detector market remains fiercely competitive, with the top five vendors accounting for over 65% of the market share. Trixell Thales leads the market with over 18%, followed by iRay and Varex. iRay’s market share grew in 2022 due to expanded production capacity and competitive pricing, facilitating its global expansion. Conversely, Careray faced market contraction due to intense competition from iRay. The aggressive pricing strategies of Chinese FPD companies prompted international vendors to reconsider their supply chains, establishing production facilities in more cost-effective countries like China and India.

About the Report

Medical Flat Panel Detector Report – World – 2024

Signify Research’s report “Medical Flat Panel Detector Report – World – 2024” builds on their 2023edition and will provides a data-centric and global outlook of the market. The report blends primary data collected from in-depth interviews with FPD vendors, to provide a balanced and objective view of the market.

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