Deconstructed PACS – It’s not all bad news

Publication Date: 24/08/2016

Written by

Steve Holloway

The successful adoption and use of PACS was for many years a much-coveted aspect of radiology. As an early adopter of healthcare IT far ahead of other specialties, radiology was lauded for its innovation and forward thinking.

Roll on two decades and things are quite different. The market has boomed with a confusing array of solutions to enable healthcare to go digital. For many radiologists, this has meant dwindling influence and control over radiology IT strategy and implementation, overshadowed by all-encompassing electronic medical record (EMR) implementations, and “enterprise” IT strategy.

Worse still for radiologists, PACS has become a vendor-marketing target to be “integrated,” made “patient-centric,” and (horror of horrors) “deconstructed.” Throw in the onslaught of confusing industry jargon from enterprise imaging vendors — anyone know the difference between a VNA, CAS, or AICA? — and then it’s no surprise the field has been begrudging in a move away from traditional PACS deployment.

There is some good news, however. While industry may preach that the days of PACS are numbered, there are a number of benefits to the new era of enterprise imaging.

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