Free Infographic – Ten Predictions for Medical Imaging in 2022

Publication Date: 26/01/2022

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In this free infographic we discuss the top 10 predictions for Medical Imaging in 2022. These predictions were first published as part of our Signify Premium Insights Service.

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Premium Insights Service Overview

  • Approximately 100 actionable and up to the moment Premium Insights per year.
  • A subscription to Signify Premium Insights – Medical Imaging provides compelling thought leadership on the most pertinent developments in healthcare technology.
  • This service utilises Signify Research’s expansive market data to properly appraise and interpret breaking news stories.
  • Major market moves and industry-changing announcements are evaluated as they unfold, and the considered opinions of Signify Research’s expert analysts are shared to provide insight into current developments.
  • Key vendors, technologies and conferences are followed, with updates carefully scrutinised to ensure that the most important details are revealed and properly assessed.

Features and Benefits

Signify Premium Insights – Medical Imaging allows you to:

  • Make informed business decisions in response to changes in your market
  • Revise business plans and react to breaking industry developments
    Strategise with greater certainty thanks to a more nuanced understanding of changing market dynamics
  • Identify lucrative opportunities more quickly, and capitalise on them with greater efficacy and with reduced research time