Navigating the Medical Imaging AI market as an Imaging IT vendor

Published 15/03/2024

Medical imaging AI is increasingly included within radiology IT tenders, with imaging IT vendors needing to address how the integration of AI image analysis tools into the workflow will be achieved. However, an imaging IT vendors AI strategy is not straightforward, with competing R&D priorities such as enterprise imaging, structured reporting and cloud requiring investment, as well as a 200+ ecosystem of AI vendors to navigate – leaving imaging IT vendors with questions such as who is the right partner(s)? Which AI vendors will still be operational in 5 years?

Signify Research’s AI in Medical Imaging coverage supports vendors in demystifying the AI landscape and is used by 7 of the 10 global imaging IT vendors.

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AI in Medical Imaging Market Intelligence Service – 2024

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The four deliverables included in the 2024 subscription are:

  • Vendor Sentiment Index (VSI) – Topical Tracker – Quarterly
  • AI in Medical Imaging World Market Analysis 2024 – Core Report – June 2024
  • Competitive Ecosystem – Topical Report – October 2024
  • RSNA Show Report – Show Report – December 2024

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About the Author

Ellie joined Signify Research in 2023 as part of the Medical Imaging team. She holds a BSc in Biomedical Sciences from the University of Bath and an MSc in Clinical Drug Development from University College London.  

About the AI in Healthcare Team

Signify Research’s AI in Medical Imaging service provides expert market intelligence and detailed insights for several of the leading AI and Imaging IT vendors. Combining primary data collection and in-depth discussions with industry stakeholders, our thorough research approach yields credible quantitative and qualitative analysis, helping our customers make critical business decisions with confidence. Furthermore, our commitment to seeking a plurality of perspectives across the markets we cover guarantees that our insights remain independent and balanced.

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