Telehealth (Acute, Community & Home) World – 2020 Free Sample and Summary

Published 08/07/2020

Thank you for your interest in our Telehealth market report.

The sample provides an overview of the impact that COVID-19 has had on:

  • Provider-to-patient/consumer on-demand telehealth
  • Provider-to-provider telehealth in both inpatient and outpatient settings
  • Tele-ICU
  • Remote patient monitoring (RPM)
  • Enterprise-scale telehealth

The summary is a snapshot from our just-published market report “Telehealth (Acute, Community and Home) – World – 2020”. Both the free sample and the full report will help you:

  • Understand how to adapt your telehealth offerings during the pandemic
  • Obtain a complete picture of the risks to your telehealth business as economies move from lockdown and governments reassess COVID-19 reimbursement policies
  • As a provider of telehealth tech, ascertain to what extent the rapid rise in virtual consultations translates into new IT business, and how this varies by care setting
  • Plan your medium-term growth strategy – does product, service, care setting or geographic expansion offer you the best opportunities for growth?
  • As a tech vendor not yet directly involved in telehealth, understand how post-COVID workflows may offer you new business opportunities