The Top 10 Trends Signify Premium Insights Expects to Define Medical Imaging in 2023

Publication Date: 17/01/2023

Written by

Alan Stoddart

17th January 2023 – A maelstrom of challenges, including inflationary pressures, astronomical energy prices, personnel shortages and case backlogs will form a backdrop to healthcare markets in 2023. However, there are also some more specific trends set to define the medical imaging market in 2023. These expectations, featured in a free infographic, are analysed in detail as part of Signify Premium Insights’ Medical Imaging service.

Signify Premium Insights – Medical Imaging is a market analysis subscription service. Combining Signify’s broad portfolio of market research across the medical imaging modalities, medical imaging IT and AI, alongside its wealth of analyst expertise, SPI – MI offers actionable Insights which contextualise industry developments into wider market trends.¬

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