Patient Monitors and Diagnostic Cardiology Market Intelligence Service

The reports included in the Patient Monitor and Diagnostic Cardiology Service comprise of detailed global market data and forecasts, supported with analyst commentary, alongside deep-dive qualitative reports to evaluate key market questions. 

Two dedicated deep dive market reports covering market size, market forecasts, key vendors, and market share analysis examining:

  • The Patient Monitors market
  • The Diagnostic Cardiology market

Two topical reports discussing market tends, driver, barriers and developments in:

  • AI in Diagnostic Cardiology ECG
  • Hospital-at-Home – Patient Monitoring


From receiving the service, you’ll have the ability to unlock benefits such as: 

  • Receive accurate market size data for 25+ countries to validate growth and new business opportunities across patient monitoring and diagnostic cardiology. Alongside assessing the impact of COVID-19 on changing customer demands and better assess market volatility.
  • Expert commentary is provided on the core trends impacting each of the product segments in their own dedicated reports. Focused analysis is provided on market drivers & inhibitors in addition to strategic recommendations for each product segment.
  • For each of the 6 sub-regions an analysis of the competitive landscape will be presented for the major product categories, with global vendor revenue shares for each major product segment.
  • Market share profile analysis is provided for the key vendors, with analysis of their revenue share of each major product category and region.