Breast Imaging – World – 2024

Publication Date: 31/10/2024

This is the 5th edition of our Breast Imaging market report which covers the global breast imaging modality and AI markets, releasing in October.

The 2024 Breast Imaging report and accompanying dataset helps you to:

  • Gain actionable market insights and empower your business growth with accurate sizing data for 28 major markets and key product types (FFDM, analogue, DBT, conventional ultrasound, and ABUS).
  • Stay abreast of the evolving guidelines, programs, and legislation in breast cancer screening.
  • Benchmark your market position with our vendor market shares, guided by collaboration with the top breast imaging vendors, and gain access to our extensive collection of 35 vendor profiles.
  • Align your strategic planning using insights on key competitive developments in the markets, including disruptive technologies, new partnerships and product launches.
  • Develop a winning AI strategy leveraging our 5-year forecast, key updates, and clinical trials for breast imaging AI.