A new report by Signify Research provides analysis of the global medical imaging market
from an Analyst team with extensive industry experience. Modalities covered include MRI,
CT, Ultrasound and X-ray.

Report Content

Report Overview


  • Each medical imaging modality is segmented by geographic sub-region with 5-year forecasts.
  • Discussion of the key trends and developments for the medical imaging market now and in the coming years.
  • Data presented in revenues, average selling prices
    and unit shipments.


  • Global market share estimates for the leading vendors of medical imaging systems.
  • Global market share estimates for each modality type.
  • Detailed product matrix for major vendor portfolios.


  • Analysis of the product mix by modality.
  • Discussion of key product development trends by modality.
  • Review of the impact of AI for each modality.


  • Analysis and insights to support your strategy planning.
  • Our opinion on the future direction of the market.
  • Direct access to the Analyst team for an expert opinion.
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