Our Vendor Selection Tools provide an overview of various healthcare technologies and the vendors that are active in those markets.  They are an essential tool for healthcare professionals who are considering an investment in a particular technology, for identifying potential vendors to partner with and for industry vendors to use for competitive comparison.

Based on a rigorous and transparent research methodology, our Vendor Selection Tools evaluate vendors on a range of criteria, blending the findings from our related Market Reports and the views and experiences of customers from our Customer Insights reports. The vendor evaluation criteria are tailored to the technology under review, but typically include competitive position, track record, financial strength, strategy, innovation, strength of product offering, technology roadmap, customer service and support.

How our Vendor Selection Tools can help you:

Buyers of Healthcare Technology:

  • Gain an independent overview of a specific technology, including the trends that will shape the market in the coming years
  • Evaluate products and services
  • Identify potential suppliers

Vendors of Healthcare Technology:

  • Understand your competitive position in the market
  • Support your marketing campaigns with independent, third party analysis