Imaging AI’s Unseen Potential

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Amy Thompson
Published: May 24, 2022 In The News

24th May 2022 – Written by Amy Thompson – Featured on The Imaging Wire

Amid the dozens of imaging AI papers and presentations that came out over the last few weeks were three compelling new studies highlighting how much ‚”unseen‚” information AI can extract from medical images, and the massive impact this information could have.

Imaging-Led Population Health – An excellent presentation from Ayis Pyrros, MD placed radiology at the center of healthcare’s transition to value-based care and population health, highlighting the AI training opportunities that will come with more value-based care HCC codes and imaging AI’s untapped potential for early disease detection and management. Dr. Pyrros specifically emphasized chest X-ray’s potential given the exam’s ubiquity (26M Medicare CXRs in 2021), CXR AI’s ability to predict outcomes (e.g. mortality, comorbidities, hospital stays), and how opportunistic AI screening can/should support proactive care that benefits both patients and health systems.