VIDEO: Trends in X-ray systems

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Bhvita Jani
Published: January 30, 2023 In The News

27th January 2022 – Bhvita Jani – Featured on

Bhvita Jani, research manager at Signify Research, explains the technology trends she is seeing in the radiology X-ray market, She includes insights on digital radiography (DR), computed radiography (CR) and how the prices of digital detectors dropping have increased adoption of DR systems.

During the first year of the COVID pandemic in 2020, Jani explained mobile DR systems saw a dramatic uptick in sales, as hospitals around the world bought more of these to increase their imaging capability. Increased COVID cleaning protocols for imaging rooms between patients caused delays in imaging. There also was a demand for mobile systems because hospitals did not want to transfer COVID patients to the radiology department for imaging because of fears of spreading viral contamination around the hospital.