Cloud storage helps solve radiology IT and cybersecurity issues and is growing

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Amy Thompson
Published: February 17, 2023 In The News

3rd February 2023 – Amy Thompson – Featured on

When cloud was first offered as a solution for radiology data and image storage a decade ago, many hospitals were hesitant about moving their data offsite. But today, things are rapidly changing as people are comfortable using the cloud in both their personal and professional lives. Cloud migration all helps solve several key issues with remote access, enabling web-based PACS or enterprise imaging systems, easier integration with the electronic medical record (EMR), it can help solve cybersecurity issues, and reduce IT burdens of maintaining on premise server farms.

Radiology Business spoke with Amy Thompson, a senior analyst at Signify Research, explains what she is seeing in radiology PACS and enterprise imaging systems in the market in terms of cloud adoption.