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SPI Digital Health: Philips Gets Latest Vote of Confidence with $2.8B Deal

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28th September 2023 – Exor’s recent purchase of a 15% stake in Philips is the latest vote of confidence for the conglomerate and its shifting business focus. But what are the Italian investment firm’s motivations for the move?

Signify Premium Insight: Oracle and Ferrum: Imaging AI in the Cloud

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September 26th 2023 – Oracle has looked to extend its cloud capabilities to medical imaging, with the addition of Ferrum’s AI platform to its Cloud Marketplace. The move offers opportunities for the hyperscaler, but will it help Oracle compete with its peers?

SPI Digital Health: Oracle Health Launches its Next Generation EHR

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26th September 2023 – Oracle Health’s recent product announcements, including a replacement of its Millennium EHR solution, are a step forward. But there are also signs that Oracle is beginning to have a material influence on the Cerner business.

Signify Premium Insight: GE Looks to Avoid Missed Opportunities

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September 21st 2023 – GE HealthCare, in partnership with Mass General Brigham, has developed an algorithm which seeks to help providers make their radiology departments run more efficiently. With providers looking to do more with less, such tools could be attractive, but do they also offer an opportunity for vendors?

SPI Digital Health: When Less is More: Epic Takes New Marketplace Partner Approach

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21st September 2023 – An overhaul of Epic’s app store model reflects a more refined, strategic approach to vendor partnerships. But will its recently-launched Showroom marketplace deliver equally refined benefits for providers?