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Signify Premium Insight: GE Healthcare Looks to Solve Problems at Home

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8th June 2022 – GE Healthcare has signed a deal with Pulsenmore for up to $50m, instantly boosting the Israeli vendor’s caché, but does it also mean that medical imaging in the home is set to go mainstream?

Signify Premium Insight: The Questions that Nanox Would Rather Not Answer

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1st June 2022 – Nanox has recently released its Q1 2022 financial results, and they are underwhelming. Nanox has garnered a lot of investor attention, but, as this Premium Insight illustrates, there are many challenges the vendor has yet to overcome.

Signify Premium Insight: “What Customers Want Are Solutions that Make Their Work Easier” – The Key Trends in Ultrasound AI

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31st May 2022 – In this Premium Insight co-author of Signify Research’s recently released ultrasound AI report, Mustafa Hassan details some of the key trends revealed by his research.

Signify Premium Insight: Vendor Financials Roundup – The Health of the Imaging Sector Q1 2022

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26th May 2022 – The narratives of 2022’s first quarter are captured in vendors’ financial results. This Premium Insight identifies some of the quarter’s key trends and assesses how well positioned medical imaging vendors are in the face of apparent global headwinds.

Why BoB LIS vendors might yet survive EHR’s invasion

26th May 2022 – EHR vendors are increasingly cannibalising clinical departmental IT administration, such as RIS, OIS, and CIS. Best of breed Laboratory Information Systems (BoB-LIS) are often viewed as the next departmental IT lamb headed for slaughter at the altar of the EHR. Based on our latest research assessing the global LIS market, the evidence points to a surprisingly bright future for BoB-LIS.