The Quadruple Aim Effect – Patient Monitoring vs. Patient Management – An infographic by Signify Research

Published: July 12, 2022

Cranfield, UK, May 2022 The Quadruple Aim has been discussed extensively in the healthcare market, and has been one of the fundamental targets of the US national strategy for tackling healthcare issues. The quadruple aim focuses to:

  • Improve Patient Experience
  • Improve Patient Outcomes
  • Improve Clinical Experience
  • Lower Costs

The Quadruple Aim has also had a global impact on the drive for several countries to develop Value-Based Care as an approach to ensure the delivery of the best outcomes for patients and the best value for the healthcare system. Healthcare vendors have been meticulously developing new solutions to help providers combat rising healthcare costs and enable providers to improve clinical efficiency.

Value-based care is a major driver to the adoption of solutions that enable enhanced patient care provision and maintain patient safety.

The pandemic has highlighted many inefficiencies in healthcare provision and as such expediated development of solutions that aid in clinical workflow.

There is a shift from monitoring a patient to managing a patient based on their condition driving improved patient outcomes.

With growing utilisation of digital solutions there is a need to translate subsequent patient data into useable analysis that can help guide patient care and treatment options.

This infographic demonstrates some of the key trends seen in telehealth, patient monitoring and cardiac diagnostic markets, where patient management is overtaking traditional patient monitoring.

To view and download our free infographic, click here.

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