PHM 2018 – The Strategies Reshaping the Competitive Landscape – White Paper

Publication Date: 02/08/2018

With the Population Health Management (PHM) market falling into single digit growth in 2017, vendors are increasingly looking for ways to retain market share and maintain their historically high growth rates. Investment and focus on the PHM market has been built on the idea that there is still a huge untapped potential in North America. However, only a handful of vendors were able to navigate 2017 with minimal disruption to their PHM performance.

This white paper ‘PHM 2018 – The Strategies Reshaping the Competitive Landscape‘ evaluates some of the key vendor groups and standout performers, outlining some of the key differentiators that led these vendors to excel in a fast-moving market. This is the second, and final part, of Signify Research’s deep-dive insights from the 2018 North American PHM report. The first part detailing the top-level market trends can be found here ‘PHM Market Takes a Hit in 2017, but Double-Digit Growth to Return in 2018‘.