Telehealth Market Intelligence Service – 2023

This Market Intelligence Service provides rolling 12-month coverage of the global telehealth market in both acute and ambulatory settings. It includes three dedicated deep dive market reports examining:

  • The High-Acuity Telehealth Market (e.g., Tele-ICU, Episodic Virtual Clinical Examinations, Virtual Nursing & Virtual Sitting)
  • The global Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) Market
  • The Primary Care Telehealth Market

The Telehealth Market Intelligence Service 2023/2024 will help you:

  • Analyse Telehealth drivers, barriers, and emerging trends, ensuring you stay ahead of the curve.
  • Outline the best prospects for new business in the Telehealth market by geography, unveiling strong growth opportunities for vendors
  • Assess the impact of government health IT funding and national eHealth initiatives and how this will shape the Telehealth market over the next five years 
  • Evaluate the competitive landscape and vendor market shares, with profiles of established market players, allowing you to determine your competitive response.