AI in Diagnostic and Clinical Use – World – 2024

Publication Date: 31/05/2024

The AI in Diagnostic and Clinical Use 2024 report, due to be published in May 2024. The report will explore how the adoption of diagnostic and clinical (SaMD) AI in non-radiological settings compares to the success of radiology AI, specifically focused on which clinical segments offer the most opportunity for market growth. Detailed competitive analysis per segment will also provide a clear landscape of this emerging segment, enabling strategy and product leaders across healthcare technology assess competition and support strategic decisions on product development, partnership and potential M&A strategy. The full report also explores critical trends around sales channel strategy, device-partnerships and the market roles of leading start-ups, healthcare technology segment leaders and big technology vendors in shaping the digital diagnostic ecosystem.

Note: AI solutions for medical imaging analysis (e.g. radiology) are not included in this report. Please see our extensive AI in Medical Imaging 2024 service for detailed market coverage.