Diagnostic Imaging Procedure Volumes Database – World – 2024

Publication Date: 31/10/2024

The third edition of our Diagnostic Imaging Procedure Volumes Database, which includes a comprehensive assessment of the number of medical imaging procedures performed annually, with historical data for 2019 to 2022, and forecasts to 2027.

  • Visualise the growing demand for medical imaging services and glean insight into future demand as providers overhaul imaging service delivery in response to macroeconomic headwinds and the global shortage of imaging workforce. 
  • A highly detailed interactive database that offers you a comparative benchmark of procedure volumes by market and region, enabling the identification of high-volume procedures and growth areas.
  • Evaluate the regional variations in medical imaging procedures, by body area, care setting, and modality, supporting the understanding of emerging trends such as the use of outpatient imaging and use of alternate modalities.