This is a proposal for a new Market Report on the global market for CT equipment, to be published in June 2023.

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Report Content

CT Equipment - World - 2023 - Report Content Table

Report Overview


  • Identify the products and end-markets driving growth
  • Review the market drivers and barriers for growth
  • Quantitative analysis of the market size and forecast growth


  • Market share estimates presented by region, by product type
  • Detailed product matrix for each of the leading vendors
  • Analysis of which vendors won/lost market share in 2020
  • Review of emerging new players and their likely market impact


  • Analysis of equipment types (medical cone beam, below 17 slice, 17-63 slice, 64-127 slice, 128-160 slice, more than 160 slice)
  • Analysis of the move to democratize imaging
  • Analysis of the impact of AI for image acquisition and diagnosis
  • Analysis and insights to support your strategy planning
  • Product pricing strategies


  • Analysis and insights to support your strategy and business planning
  • Product pricing strategies
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