This Market Intelligence Service provides a rolling 12-month coverage of the global Digital Pathology market.

The deliverables included in the 2023 subscription are:

1: Digital Pathology Data Update and Full Report – Publishing April 2023 – Core Report 

Report with detailed market breakdowns for scanner hardware, software and service revenues complimented by scanner unit sales across markets. This data is presented in terms of base years 2021 and 2022 and forecasts up until 2027. In addition, the report includes market share analyses by major products and geographies as well as company profiles with vendor SWOT analyses. Delivery includes interactive Excel database and Powerpoint Executive Summary.

2: Artificial Intelligence in Digital Pathology – Publishing July 2023 – Topical Report 

Qualitative report offering a deep-dive into the potential of Artificial Intelligence algorithms in digital pathology, including different approaches and integration channels, portfolio mapping, the potential of embedded scanner AI, business models and strategic recommendations for vendors.

3: Installed Base Analysis – Publishing October 2023 – Auxiliary Report 

World market installed base analysis of scanner hardware and software licenses, including forecasts up until 2027.

4: Pathology Visions Show Report – Publishing November 2023 – Topical Report 
Signify Research’s analysis and key takeaways for new products, vendor strategies, technology innovation and major announcements during the annual DPA conference.

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