Signify Research’s recently published market research report on the market for Imaging IT and Archiving & Management IT provides detailed market intelligence data, forecasts and insights for the complex medical imaging software and archiving market. The report includes detailed product coverage of:

  • Radiology IT (Standalone PACS, Standalone RIS, Enterprise Imaging for Radiology)
  • Cardiology IT (Standalone Cardiology IT, Enterprise Imaging for Cardiology)
  • Archiving and Management IT (Standalone VNA/ICA, Standalone Image Exchange)

Using tightly-defined reported data from numerous medical imaging IT and clinical content management IT vendors, Signify Research has developed a bottoms-up assessment of the market size, outlook and competitive market.

Furthermore, we have provided unique market revenue analysis to assess developments in product category, sales model and architecture. This includes:

  • New vs recurring revenue analysis (with data for software, service type and hardware)
  • Architecture analysis (On premise, Hybrid, Hosted)
  • Market revenue % by provider scale (Hospital 500+ beds, Hospital 100-500 beds, Hospital < 100 beds and Outpatient)

All the above analysis is provided per product area (e.g. Radiology, Cardiology, VNA/ICA and IE) in 23 country markets.

Report Content

Imaging IT

Report Features


  • Extensive data on imaging IT and archiving software
  • Understand impact of enterprise imaging on market
  • New revenue versus recurring revenue breakdown


  • Revenue market share estimates for all leading vendors
  • Sub-regional analysis by product
  • Focus on changing product portfolios of market vendors


  • Country-level data by architecture type
  • Unique quantitative analysis of managed service revenue
  • Clear guidance on cloud adoption trends by product


  • Detailed discussion and data for new adoption models
  • Explanation of future role of imaging IT in CCM
  • Analysis of changing vendor strategy
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