“A number of new EHR entrants to the LIS market have emerged over the last few years, offering integrated modular deployments alongside EHR installations.

Despite success in gaining market share from BoB vendors in other markets such as OIS and Perinatal IT, the LIS market is far more complex compared to other departmental software. Public health, reference labs and other provider sites typically situated outside of hospitals are expected to retain preference for best-of-breed implementations, and despite what detractors may say there is still a place for these deployments.”

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Key Questions Answered

  • What is driving LIS adoption in each market?
  • How are LIS systems being implemented and scaled?
  • How does the LIS interact with digital pathology/genomics software?
  • How will EHR vendors impact the market versus BOB implementations?
  • What impact has COVID had on laboratory digitisation?


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