Market Reports

Our Market Reports are highly data centric and typically the most detailed of their kind, with numerous segmentations of the market, such as by technology, by application, by country and by sales channel. The key features of our Market reports include:

  • Estimates for the current and historical market size, with annual growth rate forecasts
  • Analyses presented in revenues, shipments and average prices
  • Competitor landscape analysis with market share estimates for the leading suppliers
  • Detailed analyst commentary to highlight the key market trends and growth opportunities
  • Typically updated on an annual cycle and by the same Analyst team
  • Unparalleled access to the Analyst team that researched the report

Our Market Reports are based on extensive primary research with healthcare technology companies and the healthcare organisations who use their products.  By blending research with both the supply and the demand side of the market, we are able to provide a robust and complete analysis of the market.

Advance Purchase

At the start of each project, we invest considerable time to understand the needs of our clients and to identify the gaps in their knowledge of the market. We also work with them to know how they use market data. This ensures that the final report provides targeted and usable information.

Based on our initial discussions with clients, we issue a proposed research agenda that outlines the categories to be used for the market analysis and the key questions that the research will aim to answer. We then offer our clients the opportunity to take our Advance Purchase option and customise the scope of the research, for example by requesting additional market segmentation, or by suggesting specific market trends that we should focus on. Advance Purchasers also get a discount on the price of the report. Our clients benefit from customised research, but at the price they would expect to pay for an off-the-shelf report.