8 in 10 Hospitals Stand Pat on Population Health Strategy, Despite Uncertainty Over the Affordable Care Act’s Future in Health Catalyst Population Health section

Published: November 1, 2017 In The News

01st November 2017 – Featured in Health Catalyst – More than 80 percent of healthcare executives say the effort to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act has not caused them to pause or otherwise change their approach to population health management (PHM), a cornerstone of the Obama administration’s strategy to address the quality and cost of healthcare.

Healthcare leaders also expressed strong faith in the future promise of population health management, despite continuing uncertainty over the fateof the federal healthcare program under the Trump administration, according to a July 2017 survey of US healthcare executives by Health Catalyst. Sixty-eight percent of healthcare executives surveyed report that PHM is ‚”very important‚” to their healthcare delivery strategy during the next two years, while fewer than 3 percent assign it no importance at all.