Outpatient Imaging And Teleradiology Changing the Market Dynamic in the US

Arun Gill headshot
Arun Gill
Published: July 17, 2023 In The News

13th July 2023 – Arun Gill – Featured on itnonline.com

The healthcare market is witnessing a dynamic shift in how and where patients want to receive care, with the flexibility and convenience of outpatient settings driving a greater utilization of outpatient imaging and teleradiology services, a trend most prevalent in the U.S. market. This is driven predominantly by changes to reimbursement, and payers pushing non-emergency imaging to the outpatient setting, as well as the legacy of the pandemic.

Impacting both image acquisition, image reading and services, this has led to market growth and vendor opportunities within traditional outpatient imaging providers, such as imaging centers and radiology reading groups, as well as teleradiology groups.